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How we Work

As a ketogenic meal service, we do everything to make the keto diet a gourmet experience. Let’s face it, eating meat and vegetables everyday can get quite boring and that’s where we come in.

We create absolutely delicious healthy keto meals for you to enjoy. We buy the cleanest, freshest food we can find, being supplied vegetables by 7 local farmers most of the year. Our beef and lamb are 100% grass-fed, our chicken is organic and our fish and seafood are all caught in the wild, rather than farmed.

On a ketogenic diet, the majority of what you should be eating is low-carbohydrate (non-starchy) vegetables.

It is recommended one eats 7-10 cups a day of vegetables and this translates to 7-10 ounces a day.

We practice “healthy keto” which is a moderate protein, low carb diet with lots of good fats and non-starchy vegetables. It is the vegetables that support the body and increase one’s nutrition and they keep one healthy while enjoying the other benefits of keto like easy weight loss, increased energy and health. Without lots of non-starchy vegetables, one tends not to do so well on keto.

Preparing and consuming 7-10 oz of vegetables a day poses a big challenge. We have solved this by creating huge sumptuous salads for your lunch, with exactly 7 oz of finely chopped vegetables (often with as many as 20 different types of vegetables in one salad). Next,  we top your salad with about 6 oz of protein and then dress it all with an absolutely delicious home-made dressing. The salads are eaten cold and are perfect to take to work each day, plus they are highly nutritious and quite filling.

For dinner, we provide meals that can be taken out of the container and heated up. Sometimes there are about 5 minutes of simple cooking for you to do but we provide all the ingredients and the directions.

We deliver these meals twice a week. If you don’t eat all the evening dishes, most of them can simply be frozen and eaten later.

The best deal is buying a 14-meal a week package that we are still able to bring you for $10/meal ($140/week) with free delivery in Clearwater. We can now accommodate special dietary needs, like non-dairy. If you are simply here to lose weight with as few dietary restrictions as possible, then we suggest you simply select the 14-meal keto package, which will give you the biggest variety of foods to enjoy.

How to subscribe

We recommend that to start with, you try us out for a week or two to make sure that the rich gourmet food that we offer is to your taste. This is the One Time Order.

Once you are certain that this is what you want to do, then simply subscribe and take the time to go through the process to ensure that we are aware of any foods that you don’t like.

Once a week, we’ll email and text you our constantly rotating menu from our ketogenic meal service. This way, you will know what is on offer that week. There will always be some Classic Favorites that you can order. If you are too busy to select what you want for that week and you have already subscribed, your card will be charged and we’ll pick your meals for you.  Because you have already told us your likes and dislikes that entered while creating your notes, everything will flow easily from your point of view. You can simply set everything up and forget about it and twice a week, sumptuous keto meals will arrive at your door.


We aspire to bring you the most delicious meals you have tasted in a while and make this diet truly gourmet!

Have you ever noticed that no matter how good a restaurant, or someone’s cooking, eating from the same source everyday can become boring? We have as well. That’s why we rotate our cooks and bring in guest chefs to give you a lot of variety and keep the ketogenic meal service constantly fun!

Our huge lunch-time salads are as varied as they are beautiful!

For lunch, we bring you large delicious salads with as many as 20 different fresh vegetables. We make all of our dressings so they are nutritious, fresh and very tasty. You’ll never want to go back to the same old boring stuff every day after we have spoiled you. Let us spoil you for a week with our keto meals and you’ll never go back!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dine-In Keto?

Dine-In Keto is a ketogenic meal service that delivers 14 meals a week to you, twice a week.

All the food is as clean as possible. Most of it is organic, the beef and lamb are from animals that are 100% grass-fed. We buy from 7 small farmers who are either certified organic or don’t use pesticides or other chemicals on their crops. We source the cleanest and freshest foods we can find and generally go to the farms personally to ensure the clean farming practices.

Our salads are so fresh that we even thought we cut them the day we deliver. If they are in your refrigerator, nothing tends to brown despite it all being chopped and ready to eat (if you eat it within 4 days) which is something you won’t find with food sourced at your local health food store.

We specialize in making vegetables delicious! On a ketogenic diet, one is supposed to have about 7-10 cups (or ounces) of vegetables a day. We achieve this deliciously by creating wonderful (and different) salads every day topped with yummy proteins.

Our salads are both tasty and satisfying.

How do I get started?

You only need to sign up for a week to try out our keto service. To continue, you don’t need to sign a contract but we recommend you subscribe, so you don’t need to keep remembering to pay each week. You can cancel or suspend your subscription before the end of Thursday to stop delivery the following Monday.

Since you are not locked into a contract, if you have a freezer full of food or are going away, or simply want to take a break, you can simply skip a week.

To get started, you would simply sign up.

What is the price for this service?

Right now, we are trying to keep these delicious meals to $10/meal which translates to $140/week. Sometimes we have extra goodies that you can add on but $140 is our minimum.

Delivery is free in Clearwater. We deliver Monday and Thursday evenings or Tuesday and Friday mornings, for your convenience.

How do you manage to deliver your keto meals for only $10/meal?

We buy directly from farmers, which keeps our costs down enormously (and gives us incredibly fresh and often, rare ingredients).

We also buy well and in bulk.

Next, because we pre-sell the service, there is no waste. Once we receive your order, we buy all the ingredients.

We also do everything from scratch which keeps the costs down.

What is a ketogenic diet?

The traditional answer is that keto is a diet where one gets most of one’s calories from fats, rather than carbohydrates and has moderate protein.

I like to answer the question a little differently. If one is doing a healthy keto diet, the majority of what you should be putting into your mouth is low carbohydrate veggies. What makes our program so good is that we make vegetables taste great!!!!

Simply put, the body can either burn carbohydrates or fats for energy; it’s a simple matter of what fuel you put into the body. If you put in both, the body will stay in carbohydrate-burning mode and unless you are restricting calories, you tend not to lose weight.

If you restrict the carbs in your diet, then the body switches to fat-burning mode, which can be a wonderful thing. If you run out of energy from the food you are eating, then the body will happily start burning the fat on your body and you’ll experience a lot less hunger. Did it ever strike you as odd that one could have a lot of fat on one’s body and yet feel like one is starving? This might be the explanation for this odd phenomena. Fat-burning, which is called ketosis, is apparently a lot healthier and cleaner than carbohydrate-burning. For a lot more information, I’d recommend doing Dr. Berg’s free course on keto which you can sign up for here: https://www.drberg.com/how-to-do-ketosis

In my experience, the ketogenic diet is a most pleasant and effective way to lose weight, which explains why it is a very trendy diet right now.

How do you make veggies taste so good?

We make vegetables taste so incredible in many ways:

  • We make big delicious salads for your lunch with up to 20 different finely cut vegetables. You will start to look forward to our salads every day and enjoy the different proteins we include.
  • We only use delicious dressings that we make ourselves from scratch. Many of the dressings we make are from fresh lemons that we squeeze ourselves. There is nothing fresher or more delicious in a salad dressing than freshly-squeezed lemons, in our opinion!!
  • We buy from 7 local farmers and our veggies are incredibly fresh and delicious. Our vegetables have usually been harvested the day we buy them, or maybe the day before that. This is very different than what is available from your local health food store, which can look a little tired. In contrast, our veggies are alive and vibrant!!!! (Note: we buy from local farmers except in the summer, when it is too hot for vegetables to grow here.)
  • Everyday you can experience a completely different salad for lunch. Being on a diet doesn’t have to be boring!
  • We only give you vegetables that are in season, so the variety and quality are endless! (The summer is challenging, as the growing season in Florida ends in May but we’ll work to source directly from farms further north.) Instead of one boring lettuce, buying in bulk allows us to buy many different varieties of greens and other vegetables to go into your salads.
  • Our ketogenic meal service is as varied as we can possibly make it, so you have the experience of fine dining while becoming incredibly nourishingly fed.

We prepare you food fresh from the farm and bring it to your fork.

Because we buy directly from local farmers the vegetables we use are generally harvested a couple of days before we deliver your meals. Could you get fresher vegetables without growing them yourself?


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