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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this company all about?

We prepare and deliver 14 absolutely delicious, mostly organic keto-friendly meals to you each week.

Can I choose the number of meals?

No, In order to keep this service as high-quality and inexpensive as possible, we have a simple one-size fits all arrangement where for only $10/meal, you receive the cleanest (mostly organic) and beautifully cooked meals possible. If you prepared one of these meals from scratch, like we do, each meal would probably take you more than a hour. That is the quality we pour into our meals. So, to keep costs down for us and for you, for now, at least, we keep things as simple as possible.

Are there any contracts?

No, that’s the beauty of this service. You only need to order one week in advance. Any orders paid for by midnight on Thursday will be delivered on Monday and the following Thursday.

How often do you deliver?

Twice a week – on Monday and Thursday.

Can you describe your meals?

Lunch everyday is a huge salad. The vegetables weigh 7oz but are made delicious because of their preparation. This is topped with 3-6oz of protein, like grass-fed ribeye steak and then we give you a yummy home-made dressing. Typically, the harder vegetables are at the bottom and marinating in the dressing and when you are ready to eat, you simply shake the container vigorously to mix it all up. This trick gives vegetables such as celery extra flavor without “melting” the greens. We think you’ll agree. It is a delicious way to enjoy lunch, at the office, at home, or wherever you want to be spending your time, in the middle of the day.

Dinner is a good hot meal, that was prepared from scratch and delivered in a glass container for reheating (or freezing if you skip dinner at home that night).