I’ve been reading the Plant Paradox by Steven R. Gundry, MD. He is a brilliant heart surgeon who has many well-known patents in the medical world. The main concept of his findings is that inflammation in the body is caused by unprotected seeds (like in tomatoes and the squash family) and that it is an ancient protective mechanism of these particular plants to ensure they are not eaten, by poisoning anything that consumes them.

The diet is similar to keto but more restrictive (plus they allow sweet potatoes). The carbs can be a little bit higher and the protein is lower. Part of the diet is hard-to-get pastured chicken and eggs, which is truly free-range and they are not fed grains at all.

After reading his book and looking over the needs of my current customers, I’ve decided to continue to follow Dr. Berg, as his diet isn’t so restrictive and people lose weight quite easily on it. I can also source the ingredients relatively inexpensively. If I followed the Plant Paradox, I’d have to double the cost of my meals.

Right now, I’m aiming for the larger market of people who want to regain their health and lose weight with the least amount of restrictions.

There is a possibility that I’ll offer this in the future but after surveying to see if it was desired by my customers and potential customers (and finding that it really wasn’t desired by many people), I’ve decided to stick with just offering keto, as it is so workable, in that it is unrestrictive enough to still be fun and people tend to stick with it and hugely gain in health, which is what a good diet is supposed to give – fun, increased health and weight loss where needed. However, if in the future, more customers ask for this diet and are willing to pay the higher prices, then I’ll reconsider but right now, by offering meals at $10 each, my customers are happy and getting the great gains from the ketogenic diet.