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Welcome to Our Shop.

  • For the package price of $10 a meal, there is a minimum order of 14 meals and you get free delivery in Clearwater.
  • We cook and deliver twice a week.
  • Our food is incredibly varied which is why the choices for Days 1 to 3 are different than the choices available for Days 4-7.
  • Please pick out at least 6 meals from the first section (which will be delivered on Monday evening or Tuesday morning) and then select at least 8 meals from the second section (which will be delivered on Thursday evening or Friday Morning).

Meal Package Add-Ons - Keto Fat Bombs

Our Keto Fat Bombs are little balls of flavor and fat to help speed up your weight loss deliciously! We vary our flavors but typically, we do something like a mounds bar, that is all coconuty and covered with chocolate, plus whatever we are currently experimenting with! There are 3 fat bombs per order and they are all made from scratch in our kitchen.


Meal Package Add-On - Crustless Quiche

This insanely creamy new addition has been an instant hit with our customers. Not only does it make a great meal but it is the perfect breakfast, snack or late night meal to help our customers get started on the ketogenic diet without being hungry. This amazingly creamy melt-in-your-mouth quiche is made from an authentic French recipe, with no milk but is filled with eggs, cream, bacon and cheeses. We also include some perfectly cooked vegetables that are both tender and nutritious. We are constantly changing the vegetables and cheese in our recipe to ensure that our customers never grow bored.