Here are some testimonials that our customers posted directly on Facebook:

GREAT taste and nutrition at a price that works for me. This service keeps my abs ripped and my taste buds happy!!! Ben Patrick

Incredible food. I’ve lost a lot of weight with this, and it tastes better than most restaurants. Claire is truly a masterful chef! Craig Guignon

Her food is awesome! 💖Modesta Zukaustkaite-Silvand

I’ve been getting Claire’s food from the beginning and it’s very good. I love having Meals Ready in the refrigerator, lunch and dinner. It’s so handy. She’s made a few things that are the best food I’ve had in memory. I recommend this for the convenience and the quality of her food. Mercedes Behm

Claire’s a genius in the kitchen and her meal plans are wonderful. It’s so convenient to have healthy, tasty meals delivered and ready to go for the week. We never seem to have the time to plan, cook and eat healthy on our own. Thanks for making this reasonably priced so we can enjoy it! Rachel Keon

what a great service! meals are huge portions and with so much variety. I loved it! well done! Paula Lombardi

Delicious food , also a great variety , it’s really nice to have meals you can simply open up and eat or heat up and eat , it’s a great way to eat nutritiously for us who have a busy schedule!!! Robert Perry

Claire is a gifted Chef!!! We are so thankful she provides these incredibly nutritious-delicious meals!!! Is excellent for busy people that want to eat healthy and tasty � Adriana Zamboni Lammertyn

Claire is an amazing Chef! She has been gifted in this area since we were kids in England together! Her creativity along with her quality of ingredients gives great value for money! Lori Litchfield

It’s my first experience eating Dine-In Keto this week. All fresh and expertly prepared meals. A wide variety to choose from. Excited to try many more meals prepared by Claire. Annette Landis Burney

I have been “Dining-In” for several months with Claire and the convenience of the service is a real time saver, less time cooking and going grocery shopping. And let’s face it, how much does $140 (e.g 14 of her meals at $10 each) buy you at Whole Foods or Natures theses days. Her meals are exchange in abundance. My monthly food bill has gone down and I eat with more variety, plus it’s Keto. Matt Kiely