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Going through Facebook, I see many keto recipes for desserts, substitute breads, pizzas etc. These are each delicious but they still contain carbs and can push you close to the line of what you are advised to eat each day.

Personally, I like to stay away from those foods most of the time and put my attention on making and enjoying “real food” ┬álike lots of well-prepared veggies and high-quality meats and fish.

Chocolate and even the allowed sweeteners (erythritol and xylitol) still have some carbs but they also stimulate appetite and often leave one craving more.

That all being said, if one is absolutely going to cheat (for a birthday or other celebration, or just because) and insists on a cheat food, it is so much better to have a keto-friendly one, in small quantities, than to really pig out at a bakery, for instance.

For that reason, I’m currently experimenting with cheesecake recipes and am working on what I hope will be a killer Nutella-inspired mousse. I already do have organic truffles and my favorite – orange truffles.

So, if you absolutely have to cheat, let me know and we’ll see what I can whip up for you!