How to Order at Dine-In Keto?

It’s very easy. If you haven’t tried our food before, we recommend that you start with a One Time Order. Then, if you love the food, you can move subscribe, which will make life very convenient for you.

We’ve written this in case anyone has trouble.

Here goes:

  • To to:¬†
  • Click on One Time Order (if you are not already there). See screen shot below

  • Optional) If you want some extra quiches (and they are incredible and make terrific breakfasts and snacks), click on Meal Package Add On – Crustless Quiche.
  • Next, select the type of 14-Meal package you want for next week. Your choices are (14 Meal … Greatest Choice) which basically has no food restrictions but is totally keto, then the No Lamb option, next the No Pork option and lastly,¬†there is the no Dairy Option. So, just pick one.
  • Then select your delivery times.
  • Then select at least 6 meals for the first half of the week and scroll down and click on Done with Monday (or Tuesday).
  • Then click on Select Meals for Thursday (or Friday).
  • Then select at least 8 meals for the last half of the week, scroll down and click on Done with Thursday (or Friday).
  • Then click on Done with Friday.
  • Then enter any comments. This is important if you are allergic to something or really dislike something, so that if those ingredients are in something you ordered, we can contact you about substituting something you might like better.
  • Then scroll down and click on Add To Cart.
  • Now check your order and if it is OK, then scroll down and click on Proceed to Checkout.
  • Register (or login if you have an account).
  • And continue.
  • Shipping address is where you want your food delivered. Please be sure to add any comments here also the names and number of other people who could come and receive your order if you are not there when we come to deliver or anything else we should know about.