Last night I came back from a 5-week tasting tour of London where I visited a Michelin-stared restaurant and tasted much of the world’s best ethnic cuisines!

Now that my business has two amazing chefs, I am doing what I love most – creating new ways to keep keto exciting, fresh and delicious! We have amazing dishes to bring to you over the next few weeks. As many of you have been loving my lamb curries, I decided to really learn how a proper curry is made.

This week, the Mild Indian Curry has the most amazing thick sauce that is made with fried spices and vegetables but will simply taste rich and creamy. It is mild, succulent and divine.

The South Indian Fish Curry is also mild but made with coconut cream.

There is also an amazing Asian Ribeye Steak Salad that I found in a gastro-pub, in the tiny village of Lingfield. (Who knew that England now has a booming food scene and the pubs that are surviving are the new gasto-pubs?)

Indian cuisine is easy to adapt to keto, as Indians generally don’t use flour to thicken their sauces and work with very healthy ingredients.I’m also working on creating a lot more dishes with no dairy.

Here is this week’s menu, along with some photos along the way, like the New Year’s firework display along the Thames (river).

So, I’m back! Looking forward to hearing from you!